Our Covid-19 Response.

Latest update.

June 2022

Please see below how we are protecting our residents health and wellbeing in line with Ministry of Health guidance.


Care Centres

Visiting out:

Residents are welcome to leave the care centre to go out with family and friends.  Residents are encouraged to wear masks and sanitise when outside the care centre.


Van outings:

Van outing will continue to happen for residents.


Organised events:

Residents, friends and families can attend organised events. “Organised events” are special functions (such as a Christmas party) that are planned outside of the normal daily activities. Limiting of numbers is at the discretion of the facility manager.



Visitors must follow the care centre approach which may include the online managed booking system or the care centre booking system, declaration, RAT testing and mask wearing.


Retirement Villages

Wearing masks will protect everyone:

We ask that you wear your mask when you are outside your apartment or villa – including when you are in any of the communal areas.


Organised events will proceed for residents:

Events can be held in the community centre in line with
Government guidelines for indoor gatherings. We encourage the wearing of a mask if not eating and drinking.



All visitors to the village must wear a mask. Under 12-year-olds may visit but we ask they wear a mask if possible. Pets are welcome to visit.


For any questions, please contact the Business and Care Manager or Village Manager.

You can find more information on COVID-19 and current government recommendations on the Ministry of Health’s website.

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