We recognise that value for Oceania extends well beyond purely financial performance and it includes other dimensions such as our social and environmental performance, that are important to us and our stakeholders.

Defining our Sustainability Framework.

During FY2020, we made a strong commitment to building a sustainable future with the development of our first Sustainability Framework. This framework establishes goals and identifies measures to report people, planet and prosperity achievements as we move toward our vision of being the most sustainable aged care provider in New Zealand.


Our Purpose

We enhance the wellbeing of our residents and provide peace of mind to their families.

Our Values

Kindness, respect, excellence, passion.

Our Sustainability Aspirations

To be the most sustainable aged care provider in New Zealand.

Defining our Sustainability Matrix.

In developing our Sustainability Framework, we conducted a deep-dive into what matters most to our key stakeholders – our residents and their families, our staff, our local communities, our suppliers, industry bodies and the government. These were plotted alongside the topics that have the biggest impact on Oceania Healthcare’s business to form our Sustainability Matrix.

At the end of 2021, we refreshed our materiality matrix. The findings will inform the pillars of our Sustainability Framework as well as our goals and measures.


Defining our Sustainable Finance Framework.

Our Sustainable Finance Framework sets out Oceania’s approach to sustainable finance instruments. It supports our existing and future sustainability-linked financing by setting out the process, criteria and guidelines under which we will issue and manage sustainability-linked loans. This Sustainable Finance Framework supports our overall Sustainability Framework and our business strategy, as we work to reimagine the retirement and aged care living experience in New Zealand.

You can read the Ernst & Young’s Assurance Statement here.



Oceania is very much a people business. Our dedicated team have a huge level of commitment to their roles and a real passion for doing a good job in delivering the highest level of care to our residents.

Oceania Volunteers helping in KidsCan warehouse
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Step up

We provide industry leading learning and development through our Step UP programme. Growing our staff and providing career pathways attracts new staff and demonstrates that we value our current staff for the roles they perform. Since the launch of the Step Up programmes more than 500 aged care staff have benefitted from the skill and confidence they have gained as well as being compensation for the additional expertise they bring. They programme also provides them with a clear career pathway as we develop our leaders of tomorrow.

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eCase Resident Management System

With the rollout of our Resident Clinical Management System, eCase, our residents and staff are reaping the overall benefits of improved well-being and enhanced health and safety. Real time updating of tasks and observations allows staff and residents time to build closer relationships that would otherwise be spent completing paperwork.


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Since 2017, all new Oceania Healthcare apartments have been constructed with a sustainable future in mind. Increasingly Oceania residents are wanting the reassurance that their stylish apartments have been built with a softer impact on the environment and will cost them less to live in.

LED lighting, use of low VOC paints, higher than standard insulation, low flow shower heads and appliances with high energy ratings, give residents peach of mind as they enjoy their comfortable, warm, dry and quiet homes.

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Reducing our impact

As part of our commitment to reduce our impact on the environment, we have partners with EKOS to measure our carbon footprint for the first time. Our footprint has been calculated in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14064-1:20006 and has been independently audited. This process has given us our baseline carbon footprint – our starting position.

Our immediate focus is on reducing waste going to landfill, increasing our energy efficiency with new builds and our maintenance programme along with completing our hybrid vehicle transition.