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Aged Care Living.

Aged Care Living at Oceania is the perfect new home option when you require a little more support. Our team offers expert Rest Home, Hospital and Dementia level care in a way that is unique to you. And Oceania Care Suites and Couples Care Suites are designed to evolve as your needs increase, so you won’t have to move again. We treat you as an individual and cater to your needs, continuing to meet them no matter if they change. Oceania Aged Care Living – it’s your home with extra care.

Oceania Personalised Care Plans.

We’re proud to deliver an aged care experience of the highest quality. But we know that no one is more of an expert in what you need than you. So together with you and your family, we develop Personalised Care Plans. These detailed plans include your likes and dislikes across 18 key aspects, from medical history and risk of falls to family relationships, culture, and spirituality. Updated every six months, they enable us to provide the best care suited to you. 

It’s like a home away from home. It couldn’t be a more loving place – there’s a beautiful atmosphere and the staff are always so caring. You’re treated like a person, a real human being. I couldn’t fault them in any way.

Joy, Wife of an Oceania Resident

Nursing at the forefront.

We know that high-quality clinical care is critical as we get older. That’s why our nurses and healthcare assistants get to know you personally, working with you to shape the care they provide. They blend this personal knowledge, with the best clinical practice, to provide care that is unique to you. With a culture of personal care and continual training, it is this mix of knowledge, empathy, intuition and skill that makes Oceania nurses and healthcare assistants unique.

The staff are what make this place so good, I couldn’t be getting better care. Night and day I’ve got bells I can push and they come immediately. It’s taken such a load off my wife, me being here. I have my own furniture, so I feel at home. It really is superb.

Bryan, Oceania Resident

Welcome Nurse Practitioners.

To complement our team of skilled Registered Nurses, we’re investing in a team of Nurse Practitioners. They are highly trained to provide the same services as your GP, but will be available to you whenever you need them. Oceania Nurse Practitioners will be integrated into our care process, providing greater vigilance, getting to know you so they can spot things early and build preventative care measures unique to you. We are rolling this service out across the country from October 2020. 

Nurse Practitioners are advanced registered nurses who are experienced in providing the highest level of clinical and gerontological care. This enables them to assess patient needs, order and interpret diagnostic and laboratory tests, diagnose disease and formulate and prescribe treatment and care plans. They are regulated under the Nursing Council of New Zealand.

The wonderful feeling of safety cannot be underestimated. I have found the nursing staff so patient, caring and loving to their very dependent patients. God bless them.

Rhona, Oceania Resident

Oceania Care Suites.

Oceania Care Suites focus on the design of the space as much as the care we provide, to deliver an aged care experience that prioritises your overall well-being. These unique suites offer exceptional Rest Home and Hospital care, evolving as your needs increase so you don’t have to move again. But more importantly, they’re designed to feel like home, with private ensuites, living areas and kitchenettes so you can share a cuppa with the family like you always have. While medical equipment is discreetly hidden away, giving you the space to make it your own. 

And our specially designed Couples Care Suites ensure we can meet both of your needs, no matter the different levels of care you may require. The perfect solution so you can stay together like you always have. 

I’m in what they call a Care Suite. It’s well equipped and it’s very comfortable – everything I need is here. There’s plenty of room for my visitors when they come to see me. Of course, I’m very well looked after here. The restaurant is very good, I have most of my meals there. And if you’re not feeling well you just let them know and they’ll bring it to your room.

Priscilla, Oceania Resident

The Sands roast chicken dinner with potatoes

Delicious Nutrition.

Food is vital for good nutrition, but it’s also one of life’s great joys. Led by a team of skilled chefs, every meal is carefully-considered to ensure taste and nutrition are balanced equally. We look to culinary trends and your personal preferences to refine and update our menus every six months, keeping them up to date with what’s in season and on-trend, ensuring that dining at Oceania is always something to be savoured.

Oceania resident smiling outside a car window on a van trip


Maintaining social connections and doing things you enjoy is vital for emotional and physical wellbeing. That’s why we offer a range of activities to help you to continue to enjoy all the moments in life you love. Whether you want to get out and about to explore beaches and parks or enjoy music, dance or have a friendly game of bowls – there’s something for everyone.

What type of Aged Care Living is right for you?

How much does care cost?

The amount you pay for Aged Residential Care Services is set by the District Health Board (DHB), rather than the individual facilities. This means that all Care Centres within a region charge the same amount for a standard room. Hospital and Dementia care does cost more than Rest Home level care; however, the Ministry of Health covers these additional costs, so they are not passed on to you.

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